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Natural yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), sorbitan monostearate, ascorbic acid


This type of packaging allows the product to be kept for 2 years in a cool and dry place (preferably below 20 °C), as long as
when the packaging is not opened
After opening the packaging, close it and store it refrigerated.


Short light brown noodles, free of rancid odors


12 Boxes per bed, maximum stowage of 7 beds


*Does not need refrigeration
*Gives an excellent aroma to the bread
*Great tolerance to dough
*High dough yield


Vacuum packed in 454g packages, 20 packages per box.

Net content 9.08 kg

Use/How to use

The product is used in the preparation of white bread (bolillo, telera, baguette, rustic bread) and
sweet bread (roscas, conchas, horns, biscuits, bread of the dead, pastries, traditional breads, fair breads, among others). White bread: 0.8 to 1% by weight of flour Sweet bread: 1 to 1.35% by weight of flour

Life of anaquel

2 years from the date of manufacture, under recommended storage conditions

Allergen Declaration

Does not contain sensitive substances or allergens

Instant Yeast Bakers Choice Gold 20 1

  • Baker's Choice Gold instant dry yeast has an excellent constant fermentation power, manufactured for use in doughs with high sugar content.

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